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Red Flags Turned White

I had a Zoom call with a recently introduced Partner today. The call went well, and towards the end of it, I asked him whether he'd had a chance to read my Cutting Edge Platform Partners website, and whether the message and business model had resonated with him. He responded that it had, and he had been really excited, until he noticed that my blog hadn't been updated for almost a year, which was, for him, a red flag.

I was incredulous as I read him an unfinished blog post on my phone, that I had literally started writing the night before..

It's been a while........

For nearly 11 long and difficult months, I’ve been stuck in a rut that, as it turns out, was self imposed.

I've spent much of that time blaming myself for allowing circumstances to occur to the point where I felt so betrayed, disrespected and taken advantage of.

I have despised and resented those who sought to hurt me, to such an extent that it has consumed me, stressed me, and sometimes even drove me to the point of despair.

Last week, I traveled to NY to celebrate the Bar Mitzvah of my darling nephew in Monsey, NY, and to rejoice together with my dear brother and sister-in-law.

While there, I took the time to catch up with some old friends and Platform Partners. I also spent many hours at The Rebbe’s Ohel, praying and drawing upon his energy and perspective while reflecting on his wishes for every individual and for humanity at large, and how these correlated to my circumstances. I wrote the traditional letter and spoke honestly and from the heart, praying for enlightenment.

As I was leaving the cemetery, I had the opportunity to walk through the foyer, where a loop of some of the thousands of videos of the Rebbe filmed during his lifetime was playing. In the video at that moment, the Rebbe was speaking to a crowd of his followers about the concept of loving another person as you love yourself — loving them even if you don't know them, even if they have caused you harm, simply because they are a human being with a soul. He continued by saying that the "silver and gold and precious stones that you are looking for are to be found within you, in the form of loving oneself."

Upon returning to Los Angeles, I began channeling positive energy into the world. I wished well to those I perceived to have wronged me and prayed for their good health, success, and salvation.

Miraculously, I've felt better over the last few days since my return. We are at an exciting stage and are empowered by channeling our faith.

The gold and silver that were taken, will be rightfully returned in their auspicious time. Until that day, I will cherish the riches within myself, which have been newly revealed through the tranquil clarity that love and faith provide.

When Red Flags are raised, try not to automatically jump to a pre-conceived, self-projected negative conclusion. Instead, try to bleach away the blood of judgement, hatred and rage. Feel your power and wrap yourself in the purity of its newfound whiteness — clean, free, and blowing in the wind.


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