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Personal Exercise

Consider the vastness of your personal Ecosystem, with its lifetime of touchpoints. Much of this is often found in one’s contact list. Now think about where you have the most open, and valuable personal and professional relationships, and watch the world of the infinite reveal itself, slowly but surely!

Maximize Your Potential with the Cutting Edge Platform

Explore Rich Opportunities in the ESaaS™ Either as a Provider or as a Consumer


Cash/points generated through sales of goods and services that are:

1. Manufacturers/Developers to Resellers

2. Resellers to Consumer

3. Manufacturer to Consumer

Cutting Edge provides a seamless transaction platform, supporting both buyers and sellers


Cash/points generated through selling time, expertise, or labor

If you have a marketable skill or are in need of a service, you can find providers and consumers alike in the ESaaS™ 


Cash/points generated through equity

Market your big idea to potential investors or invest in the next big thing


Cash/points/goodwill generated from donations

Make or generate donations conveniently in the ESaaS


Cash/points generated through recommendation of people, products, and services with commission for each successful referral

Earn commission or find a commission-based contractor for your business' needs in the ESaaS™


Cash/points generated through selling advertising space

Use targeted advertising on the platform to generate income or offer your advertising services 


Cash/points generated by leasing/renting use of property for a specified time

Find or list exclusive space and equipment


Cash/points generated through granting rights to IP for specified time and use cases

Market your IP for licensing or acquire IP through licensing


Cash/points generated through recurring model

Market your own or discover subscription-based services to fit your business' needs 


Cash/points generated by charging interest to lend money

Provide and access flexible lending in the ESaaS™

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