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Deals Done Right

Welcome to Cutting Edge Platform Partners™, the first and only ESaaS™ (EcoSystem as a Solution) designed for principled deal making and relationship management for individuals and companies in healthcare.


Software on a Mission:
Where Values and Business Meet

Our revolutionary platform prioritizes values-based business practices using proprietary technology to provide a framework of Alignment, Transparency, Accountability, Safety, Autonomy, and Charity with every deal and interaction.

Easily create and execute smart contracts with pre-established participants, terms, milestones, charitable commitments, and more.

AI Built for You

Unlock the potential of a more enriching and intuitive experience by leveraging your personally tailored AI.  Our proprietary machine learning technology trains our platform to gradually evolve to enhance your experience over time - offering personalized and streamlined deal creation, contract reviewing, and targeted networking.


Create and Execute Smart Contracts

Send and Receive


Incorporate Charitable Giving

Video, Call, and Chat with Auto-Recording

Access Detailed Reporting

Access New Revenue Streams

Securely Transact with Deal Parties

Track Deal Progress and Activity

Use as an Individual or a Company

Post and Browse Open Deals

Mutually House all Deal Documents

Manage Your Team of Dealmakers

Meet Vetted Platform Partners

Collaborate With Deal Parties

Control Your Data -

It Belongs to You

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