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Invest in Cutting Edge Platform Partners

Cutting Edge Platform Partners™ is primarily accepting investment interest from both accredited and qualified investors, with opportunities for consideration to individuals.

Drawing on a Board
Board Meeting

Building the ESaaS

Stakeholder Vision

Invested funds ensure the continuous development and value of the Cutting Edge Platform Partners™ experience. We are committed to perpetual refinement, with use of capital fueling our growth in the following areas: 


Talent Acquisition and Retention

Attracting and retaining scary talent in the sea of Big Tech, means finding the best of the best and providing them with the opportunity to create substantial personal and professional value in our compellingly impactful and mission-driven company.

Software and Technology Development

Cutting Edge contracts with a continuously expanding team of software developers in addition to a full-time in-house development team in critical areas. From front end, back end, and full-stack developers, mobile, desktop, database and cloud specialists, and security and data scientists, we are always looking to enhance our development team and user experience. Please reach out to apply.

General Infrastructure

Dedicated, secure, and robust infrastructure ensures our physical and Cloud-based teams and technology can continuously scale as we expand.

Targeted Consumer Marketing and User Satisfaction

We will be investing heavily in targeted and highly strategic marketing initiatives in order to attract and retain Platform Partners both in traditional and social media platforms.

We value our investment partners and welcome their feedback as we develop and improve the Cutting Edge Platform. Investment partners will experience and receive the following:

Continuous Stakeholder Engagement

Periodic Investor Reports

Unfettered Access to the Executive Team

Dedicated Investor Relationship Management

On a Video Call

15% Off All Items

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