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Meyer Greenbaum

Founder and CEO


Hi there.

My name is Meyer Greenbaum.

I'm a native Australian, living in Los Angeles, together with my wife and family since 1999.

I am the Principal of a Los Angeles advisory firm called BMG Advisors™.

I, as an individual, and BMG Advisors™ as a company, were the first Platform Partners in the Cutting Edge ESaaS™. Since that time, we have and continue to welcome incredibly compelling partners.


I hope you'll join us!

I am blessed to have spent my entire business career immersed in healthcare, the only truly universal commodity that personally affects every living being, at every moment, from before they were even born until the day they pass away.


Healthcare is people - and I truly enjoy people and appreciate the intrinsic value of each individual soul and their infinite and unique potential.


I like to think that I am in the Business of Soul(s).


I love and get genuinely excited by the science of business. The flow, the thrill, the experiences and the tangible opportunity that it generates.

The 20+ years that I've spent in healthcare taught me a lot about people - about why and how some business relationships fail, and about why and how others succeed. I created the Cutting Edge ESaaS in order to create a framework that fosters meaningful and rewarding business relationships.


My personal and business philosophy is simple. Spend your time and energy doing what you love with the people that you love spending time with.


My mission is six easy to remember words. Think Good. Be Good. Do Good.™


Welcome to the Cutting Edge ESaaS™.

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