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Meyer Greenbaum

Founder and CEO


Meet Meyer Greenbaum, a native Australian who has been living in Los Angeles with his wife and children since 1999. After years of working in a space with some of the largest healthcare companies in the US, Meyer ventured out on his own in 2018 and founded BMG Advisors™, a highly regarded consulting firm. Today, these same companies he once worked with are seeking his expert guidance and insights. By creating meaningful relationships and outcomes with his clients at BMG, Meyer cemented his reputation as the go-to guy for getting deals done right in healthcare.

Meyer is passionate about healthcare, primarily because it is the only universal commodity that affects every living being at every moment. For Meyer, healthcare is all about people, and he has a knack for seeing the infinite value of each individual and their unique potential. He often refers to himself as being in the Business of Soul(s).

Over the years, Meyer has gained valuable insights into people and why some business relationships fail while others succeed. He initially used these insights to guide his clients at BMG Advisors™, but today, he is using them to revolutionize the way people do business altogether. This led to the creation of Cutting Edge Platform Partners™, the first and only ESaaS™ (EcoSystem as a Solution) designed for principled deal-making and relationship management for individuals and companies in healthcare.

Meyer's personal and business philosophy is simple yet profound: spend time and energy doing what you love with the people you enjoy spending time with. He firmly believes that in order to make a positive impact on the world, one must "Think Good. Be Good. Do Good." Meyer religiously tithes his business revenue and often gives pro bono consulting services those in need in his community.


If you want to learn more about Meyer and his insights, be sure to check out his blog.

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