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Mission Possible

A talented entrepreneur recently engaged with BMG Advisors for strategic support on developing and scaling her business.

As we reviewed her progress, achievements and setbacks and conducted a SWOT analysis of the enterprise, her recent struggles came to light.

She was misaligned with one of her co-founder partners, employee morale was deflated, customer acquisition had slowed and profits were sliding in the wrong direction.

“I’m lost” she ruefully lamented, on the verge of tears..” and I can’t seem to get back to where I had been Pre-Covid. What am I doing wrong? Everything seems impossible”.

When I asked her to try to articulate her company’s mission in a concise sentence, she absentmindedly clicked on her Company website and began to read aloud the About Us section, and the mission statement that they had conceived when the Company had been founded.

When I asked her how often she took time to reflect on their mission and whether they were adhering to it, she admitted that she hadn’t paid much attention to it in years.


Mission is …..everything. If you are running a Company and can not simply articulate why you do what you do, and what drives you to do it, then you might as well lock up the doors and throw away the keys.

It can’t just be about the money. That’s nice, for sure, but it comes and goes throughout your life and a global pandemic can come to remind you that most of what we plan for is not really in our hands.

Your mission is the spine that props up a weary frame, it is the rudder that steers your ship through turbulent waters, it is the majestic lighthouse that pierces the dense fog and guides you on your way.

Your Mission, if you choose to accept it, embrace it and live it, will transform the impossible into a world of infinite possibility.

It’s your choice. If you don’t heed the advice, this message will self destruct in 60 seconds…

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