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A man once visited a wise man and asked him, "teach me all the wisdom in the world while I stand on one foot" the wise man answered, "that which is hateful to you do not do to another, all other teachings are but commentary".

-Talmud, Shabbat. 31a.

Cutting Edge Platform Partners™ is a unique platform where like-minded individuals and companies can develop their optimal financial and personal potential.


Our mission is to meaningfully connect great individuals and companies in a space where they can foster and develop rewarding partnerships of mutual and significant value. We call these NFPs™, or Non-Fungible Partnerships™.


In the Cutting Edge ESaaS™, our Platform Partners are able to thrive within a framework that protects all parties in a deal from start to finish, sets expectations clearly, and provides numerous tools for accountability and transparency so they can nurture and expand the key relationships in their lives.

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