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What is the ESaaS?

An ESaaS is an Ecosystem as a Solution. This should not be confused with what is commonly called a SaaS (Software as a Service).

An ESaaS is a safe and secure, private community platform, of interacting organisms (People and Companies) who, in a contained environment are able to flourish under the most optimal conditions.

Worldwide, and on a daily basis, individuals conceive and invent incredibly innovative healthcare ideas, technologies, devices, products, and solutions. At the same time, a vast global network of manufacturers, developers, distributors, services, solutions providers and payors coordinate to deliver vital healthcare.

With so much regulation and complexity, the barrier to market entry is enormous and the likelihood of successful commercialization is very low.

Joining the Cutting Edge platform enables individuals and companies to bring their idea from concept all the way to successful commercialization.

As Platform Partners, they gain access to a vast network of industry leading professionals and advisors that can help clarify, expedite and guide them along the way.

The Cutting Edge ESaaS enables Platform Partners to substantially and enduringly improve their daily position.

In our ESaaS, individuals and companies that are interested in or involved with the Healthcare industry can cultivate, utilize and leverage their respective talents, capabilities, relationships and strengths to form lucrative partnership streams of benefit and sustainability.


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