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One Smart Cookie

Earlier today, I had the pleasure of meeting a key opinion leader in the Senior Living industry. Our conversation was not only delightful but also enlightening. Her insights and foresight about what it takes to make an indelible mark in the market were both refreshing and deeply appreciated.

After many years in the advisory business and being a highly sought-after consultant, she has made the decision to re-enter the corporate world. She plans to dedicate the next 8 years of her career to this before she retires.

Curious, I asked her about her shift from enjoying complete autonomy to once again being accountable to employers. Her response was an intriguing anecdote her mother had shared with her as a child, one she often finds herself repeating:

"Ideas are only as good as their execution. Imagine having the best chocolate chip cookie recipe. I can share the ingredients, the mixing process, and even the optimal baking temperature. But unless I actually make and taste the cookie, it remains just a concept."

While she cherished her time in advisory, her passion lies in implementing her expertise and driving transformative change in Senior Living. Fortunately, her new employer respects her dedication to education, allowing her to continue her role as an adjunct professor at an Ivy League university.

Our conversation shifted to the potential of Cutting Edge Platform Partners, a tool she believes will be invaluable to industry veterans like herself. As our call concluded, I was left with that indescribable feeling one gets after interacting with someone who radiates positivity, kindness, and profound emotional intelligence.

Reflecting on our discussion, I felt inspired to be more hands-on with my partners. I resolved to not just knead their dough (pun intended), but to ensure their ideas are fully baked to perfection. Because, in the end, without proper execution, that's how the cookie crumbles.


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