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It doesn't fit you!

I have wrestled with my weight for as long as I can remember.

I would always hate having having to go shopping for clothes, which would inevitably occur every time I outgrew the pants that I was wearing and could no longer squeeze into them without busting a zipper or tearing the seat of my pants.

I would bring a pile of clothes into my dressing room, but nothing seemed to fit right. Too baggy, too tight, too expensive. Wrong cut, wrong color, wrong material.

We spend the bulk of our time trying to fit into anything that we hope will contain us, protect us and hold us up.

When we start feeling that tightness in our chest, the fear of anxiety or the shame in our hearts, we tend to blame our outer 'garments' for the discomfort and pain we find ourselves in.

"It's their fault."

"If only ..... then things would be very different."

"I'm sure it will get better over time"

"I'm learning on the job so I need to just grin and bear it and bide my time"

"Besides, it could always be worse"

In business, I often meet good, talented and smart people who feel constricted and trapped in their professional situation. They fundamentally disagree with the direction or the values of their employer. They are embarrassed to look in the mirror, because doing so will entail them having to admit that either their clothes need to be changed or they themselves have to change, and either choice is too unbearable.

Looking in the dressing room mirror is us being intellectually honest with ourselves.

Simple as that

If something feels off, pay attention to it because your gut is telling you the truth that you can't admit to.

If you need to make a change, do it. Thoughtfully, responsibly, practically...but do it.


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