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Exit Strategy

I sat on an Advisory call yesterday, with the Founder of a Company who is a Platform Partner of mine.

At a lull in our conversation, I asked him what his exit strategy was. He seemed offended by my question, so I rephrased. “Are you growing your business with your exit in mind?”

He looked at me incredulously and turned his iPad screen that depicted his last months financials to me and sat back with a contented smirk on his face. “Exit! I’m never gonna sell this company. It’s a cash cow!”


Our community was recently devastated by the loss of a young mother of six beautiful children, who was tragically snatched, well before her time, in an out of state freak traffic accident, while vacationing with her husband to celebrate their anniversary.

Sometimes a soul is blessed to remain on this earth for many long and golden years, surrounded by extended family, and returned to heaven, happy and in peace, and then there are instances, where our purpose on this earth is complete and our souls disappear in the blink of an eye.

We can never know when we will exit the winding and blessed highway of our life, but we can be rest assured that it will eventually happen.

And so daily, when we awake and give thanks for a brand new day, we must ask ourselves whether we are growing our life, the Business of our Soul, with the Exit in Mind.

How do you envision your life being when your road trip is finally over, and what legacy do you want to leave?


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