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Everyone’s a Consultant

Everywhere I turn these days, colleagues of mine who have held executive positions in the healthcare industry seem to have hung up their boots and started their own consulting shops, like I did when I left corporate employment in 2015.

Why is this happening? Why now?

Covid has provided experienced Executives with an opportunity to slow things down and gain fresh perspective. Many have come to realize that the frenetic and relentless pace of their former professional lives, was unsustainable, and had taken a physical and mental toll that they had not fully been aware of until everything ground to a screeching halt and they were forced to adapt to the new version of normal.

With the flexibility and freedom that has been afforded by comprehensive high speed Internet, people can essentially operate at the pace, and in the time and place, of their choosing.

Consultants, like any other vocation, comprise a diverse spectrum of individuals whose knowledge and expertise in a particular field is considered to be valuable. It is then up to a client to determine whether they feel it is valuable enough to pay the asking price.

The word “consultant” rubs me the wrong way. It always has. It feels like there is often a tussle between begrudging defensive protectionism and expert condescension, and at each stage, the consultant feels the need to justify their continued engagement. Consulting is a short term thing.

“What can you do for me now? Any more magic tricks up your sleeve?”

Well that depends on who’s asking and if they really want advice.

Advice is a completely different ball of wax.

Advisors typically work with clients on a long-term basis and may assume leadership roles within a company or at a board level.

Seeking advice is a quasi commitment made by the requesting entity that they value your opinion and are inclined to hear.

Everyone should have close advisors. Someone they can go to when they are stuck or need help. Someone who understands them, cares about them and fully appreciates their position, predicament or opportunity.

No one asks for advice, until they know that you care.

So if you want my advice, next time you find yourself consulting, pay attention and ask yourself whether you feel yourself fighting to convince, coming up against hard surfaces.

If they are not willing to listen then don’t even bother.

I think I just decided to change my company name to BMG Advisors….

Do you think it’s a good idea?

I’d love to consult your opinion.


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