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Don’t Dis-Dress!

I was once again reminded this week of the immense nuclear power of kindness.


My wife was contacted on WhatsApp by a friend, whom she had not seen or heard from since they had been college roommates, studying abroad many years prior.

It was the day after the Jewish Festival of Shavuot and she had somehow tracked down her contact information because she wanted to share a personal anecdote.

Apparently, she had once borrowed a new dress from my wife, for an off campus weekend excursion.

At some stage over the weekend, she had somehow torn the dress and was mortified as to how she would break the news to my wife.

She related, how my wife had been so empathetic and kind about the whole incident, that more than 23 years on, she still tells the story to her kids every year, on Shavuot, the anniversary of when this story had transpired.

Unbelievably, my wife could not even recall the incident, and certainly was completely oblivious to the profound impact of her pure empathy.


Kindness costs nothing yet unlocks wellsprings of generational healing and abundant blessing.

So as we go about our day, consider the impact we can make, just by caring for another.

It’s awesome. It’s natural. It’s timeless.


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