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Dive In!

I was just sent an adorable video by a long time family friend, a relatively recent PIP (a Cutting Edge Platform Individual Partner), who in a very short period of time has already catapulted herself to a Prime Partnership level.

It was a video of her son, on a glorious California summer afternoon, diving off a springboard into a glistening pool, swimming with confident strokes to his instructor.

“Never thought I’d see this a year ago. A miracle!” she texted.

I did not know what she was referring to, so I asked her to explain.


A month earlier, she had connected me with David, a friend of hers, who was a volunteer member of Hatzolah, an incredible Community EMS provider.

He was a lovely fellow, and had come to tell me about the Company that he was working with in a business development capacity.

The Company is an Israeli medical device manufacturer that has invented two innovative and transformative technologies in the defibrillation and resuscitation market.

Their two devices, one of which is already being successfully commercialized in select domestic and global markets, and the other which is pending FDA approval, will no doubt save countless lives.


“Last summer, our 3 year old boy was found at the bottom of a pool. My husband had to give him CPR to bring him back….Exactly a year ago to the day that this traumatizing event happened, is the day that I introduced you to David, the Hatzolah member, with whom we are now set to sign a PPA (Platform Partnership Agreement) on a precious life saving resuscitation technology!”

We have no way of seeing the good that lies in the events that occur in our most difficult times. We are so overwhelmed by the fearful shock, and racked with hellish guilt, that the dark clouds of despair can feel suffocating.

It is when the clouds lift and the glorious sun breaks through that the tremendous blessing that was previously concealed is now revealed.


The Rebbe, my most formative and lifelong mentor, once implored his adherents during a public address spoken in his native tongue, Yiddish.

“Mir Darf Nor Effenen Der Oiygen! (All we need to do is open up our eyes!”)

So instead of stooping over in defeated and downcast despair, choose to smile, and raise your face upwards to look around and see the wondrous blessing with clear and open eyes.

There is good in everything that happens, and whatever happens to us is for the best.

Sometimes it takes a text from a friend on a lazy Sunday to remind us that to Dive In is … Divine.


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