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Life Happens...

I recently caught up with a respected industry colleague.

Over the years, I had met him a number of times both in person and on phone calls, but it had always been cursory, a typical professional relationship between wary market competitors.

I had been alerted on LinkedIn of his announcing his departure from a long term employer and I reached out to offer my congratulations.

We arranged to meet on Zoom and at the agreed upon time, we got to know each other and really met, for the very first time.

As we waxed nostalgic of days of yesteryear, and inevitably discussed COVID-19 and the myriad ways it had transformed life as we knew it, we talked about our families and he shared with me about his recent and painful, true love lost - tragically too soon.

As his eyes welled, and his lip quivered, he said some words that stopped me in my tracks. “You know Meyer, over the years, you have your highs and you have your lows, but your health is the one thing that you can’t get back when it’s taken from you”.

Over the past few days, his heartfelt and profound words have rung in my mind.

We need to be so thankful for our health no matter the shape we find ourselves.

Cherish the moments of your life, because every breath we have, is a blessing given, not taken.


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