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G-d is a hard money lender!

In the Bible it states that G-d has an expectation of us to partner with him by tithing (giving) 10% of our earnings to charity. In this way G-d effectively takes us on as a trusted business partner and allows us to keep a very generous 90% of the deal!

I don’t know of any business partner that gives so much and asked for so little in return.

If that is the case, and all we are leaving to G-d is 10% of the deal, then it is incumbent upon us as human beings and partners with G-d, to ensure that we generate as much money as possible in order to provide the critical resources that Charitable Giving must address.

Money is indeed energy. It can even be characterized as nuclear. It has the ability to power entire countries and conversely has the potential to destroy and create despair. It can be used to reward, as well as to restrict and punish. To create light or darkness. Money can corrupt and money can refine. It is only when we are clear who our true partner is that we will be truly blessed both in the process and in the inevitably successful outcomes.

At Cutting Edge Platform Partners™  and indeed in my own company BMG Advisors™ , I commit contractually that all revenue that enters into our bank account has 10% automatically deducted off the top, which is sent a Charitable Donor Advised Fund.

We offer our Platform Partners the opportunity to Opt In, and match our donation percentage or amount on all anticipated and contemplated revenue. Our Partners in Charity will be able to allocate the proceeds of their donation to the area of Charitable interest that is important to them.

Cutting Edge's giving focuses on education and fostering morality by performing acts of goodness and kindness with love of humanity and empathy for each other.

The world has a lot of hurt and many people suffer needlessly. In Hebrew it says we are all "Areivim" - Responsible for and to each other.

We are aspirational in everything that we do and in the way that we think and truly believe in the goodness and infinite potential of humanity.

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