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The story is told of a wise old man in Brooklyn, New York who was a well-known property developer as well as a noted philanthropist.

One day, a young man approached him, and despite already knowing his true vocation, tongue-in-cheek, asked him in what industry he worked.

He chuckled and responded to him, "I'm in the business of cows and chickens."

Now the question can be asked what relevance do cows and chickens have to property?

The common denominator between these two animals is that every single day they produce, eggs and milk.. So it is with property. If treated correctly, it is able to generate ongoing benefit to its owners and successors.

This is not only true for physical property. The same holds true with intellectual property and personal content, both of which can produce benefit on an ongoing basis and in a compounding fashion.

Platform Partners include entities in the Healthcare and Commercial Real Estate Market, Patent and License Holders, Content, Copyright, and Trademark Creators, Franchisees etc.

If you are interested in buying, selling, protecting or leveraging your property in order to maximize it's potential, please reach out to us so we can give you some ideas on how to maximize these assets for long term value.

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