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What Type of Animal Are You?

The famous adage goes "you are what you eat"

Producers and Consumers Producers Humans are all animal beings. We have our pure soul, and our animal instincts that engage in a glorious and constantly evolving symbiotic struggle for control. Animals all need food to energize, oxygen to breathe and water to nourish. What we choose to eat, how we choose to eat, and how we utilize the energy that we produce are all based on what kind of animal we choose to be.

What kind of animals are Platform Partners? Platform Partners are kosher animals. There are many different kinds of kosher animal, each with their own unique characteristics and nature. Most, however, posses a universal quality, namely, that they do not feed on the flesh of another organism and they are also producers.

Ruminators Ruminators are Mammals that can be Dairy Producing or Raised for their Meat. Their food source grows independently and constantly when nourished in the right way. They are ruminators and therefore considerate, so they consider others in turn. They are patient and take time to chew things over. As such, they are able to derive the maximum potential energy/benefit from their food source. Incredibly even, and unlike carnivores, whose animal waste does not decompose and remains a poisonous contaminant for a very long time, even their manure is a rich source of nourishment which can be used to create flourishing new life and even greater levels of energy. As long as they are treated well, ruminators cows can produce value every single day for most of their lives.

Kosher Meat Eaters Even nature intended meat eaters, can behave with moral and ethical intention. Kosher minded meat eaters, only kill when they need to feed themselves, their families or their group. Sometimes, they also may need to kill to protect themselves. While we appreciate every animal, kosher and non-kosher alike, and understand that they all serve a purpose in the global ecosystem, we look to partner only with animals that are force multipliers for good and maintain an ESaaS that helps the animals inside it to flourish. As such, we prefer to minimize interaction with Predators, Scavengers, Parasites and Vermin.


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