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It’s so Refreshing

I am sitting with my ten year old son, fast asleep on my lap, on an overnight flight to Panama, where we will be enjoying a mid-winter, family vacation for the next few days.

The darkened, white noised silence of the plane, coupled with the rise and fall of his heavy breathing, affords me a quiet moment to reflect on my day, and on a call that I had with a universally respected industry colleague, together with his brain trust, earlier in the whirlwind of my day that had me scrambling to clean up my inbox, clear my calendar and organize our plans for the next few days.

I had former acquaintance with some of the call participants, while overseeing the Supply Chain and Business Development for a national, medical products distributor, that I had been a long term employee of, before I left to establish Cutting Edge.

Any calls or interactions we may have had would likely have been about explaining the comparative features, pricing and performance of a particular brand of adult Incontinence product or addressing supply chain concerns, and the like.

I was struck by the stark disparity.

We weren’t on a call trying to squeeze a droplet of blood from a stone in order to eek out some much needed product cost savings. We were engaged in an absorbing, kick off discussion about the future of healthcare provision and the optimal approach to leveraging health technology to improve the standard of care for their patients.

There’s something that I find to be so exhilarating and refreshing from discussing complex topics with highly intelligent professionals with diverse industry expertise and experience. There really is..

Now, I’d better try to get a few hours of sleep so that I still feel some of that refreshment when I land in a few hours after this all night red eye!

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